As you know, we are really involved with sustainability at Hubiku Park, for so many reasons:

First is location, being amidst the jungle at the Peninsula of Yucatan, nearest town Temozon, located 2 km for the park.

Second is, collaborators in HUBIKU most of them are from Temozon, this town has a population less than 3,000 and their main activitie is farming. Our company trained them and open a very important number of Jobs for this families, also taught the the importance of preserving nature such as handling garbage and avoid use of plastics.

Third is, we have implement a number of actions to continue with preservation of nature such as;

  • Field for cultivation of fruit trees.
  • Field for cultivation of vegetables.
  • Composters to fertilize the growing areas.
  • Area for beekeeping, specifically bee breeding Melipona beecheii, “xunan kab”.

We appreciate you continue support to our excursion Chichen Itza – All Inclusive; it had made possible for a entire community to have access to new sources of job , to share their incredible heritage with all of us.

Also your preference will allow us to continue with our plan for:

  • Field of nurseries for reforestation of timber trees from the region.
  • Reforestation field
  • Installation of an ecological treatment plant for sewage.

Finally, we would like to thank every person involved in our companies and of course our mutual clients, your support and hard work allow us to share with Fundacion vidas transformadas A.C. this foundation is commited to improve the quality of life of underpriviledge kids and single moms by providing free meals education, uniforms and medical attention .

We provide them of their own transportation and maintenance. Last summer they enjoy a day trip to Chichen and Hubiku and we are looking forward the next opportunity this upcoming summer.

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